Are you looking for an experienced Vocalist, Guitarist, or accordionist?

Then look no further! Zee has over thirty years of experience working with original - cover bands, duos, trios, choirs, and orchestras. He is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, guitar virtuoso, songwriter, producer, audio and live-streaming engineer, touring musician, composer, and arranger with more than thirty years of performing and recording experience.  Click here for Requests a quote for your project 

Zhenya has worked alongside many quality musicians of all styles and genres, including rock, blues, jazz, triphop, fingerstyle, folk, and classical. He has experience in many genres of music, is always open to new ideas, and is willing and able to adapt to your needs.   Click here for Book Session 



Are you looking for a session musician but don’t have the money or time to book out a rehearsal/recording studio? Zee offers 'Online Sessions' where you can send him your material via email as mp3.  He will take your rough demo and turn it into a professionally produced and mixed track. Click here to find How this work