Zhenya Rock


Zhenya Rock is guitar virtuoso and songwriter delivers an American / Rromani-Gypsy / Balkan/ Psycho Internationally-infused roller coaster of sound. He has a background as a writer and composer for the Musical Theatre, he also wrote music for the movies including the full soundtrack for the art-house cult movies "Six String Samarai" and twelve original CD albums. Since 1997 Zhenya has toured Europe, Canada, and America numerous times, performed as a solo act and together with various established musicians such as Tony Whiting - drummer for late Dee Dee Ramone of the Ramones, Mike Dillon (Hairy Apes BMX, Primus, Ani DiFranco) and Pat Mastelotto - drummer for King Krimson. Worked and recorded with legendary Texas acoustic musicians such as Dave Peters - mandolin and Kelly Lancaster - (Willie Nelson Band) -guitar, banjolaika, Leeann Atherton and collaborated with a variety of ethnic players from Houston based band The Gypsies, including the band's founder, Greg Harbar, accordion.


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